September 23, 2013: 3D Printing Roundup

Well, last weeks 3d Printing Conference left us in awe as we look to the future of the 3D industry. Who would of thought that today 3D printing is used in several industries as a source of manufacturing. What industries you ask? Medical: hearing aids, prosthetics, dental, and more. I was wondering how they do this then I asked? They take a MRI scan and translate it to a 3d model then 3dprint the model. Each model is unique to the person and a perfect fit. Amazing. Likewise, 3D printing is in  some cases is able to give real time prototyping without the need for special tools or labor. This and more features has enticed several companies to pursue innovation in this sector. One of the most drawing feature is the ability to create new forms for design and engineering that were unable to be created in the past due to machining limitations.


I'm an innovator tinkerer trying to make the world just alittle better.

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