June 1, 2013: End of Kickstarter J-Stand Campaign. New web search yields www.ikids.com.

Well, the kickstarter project has finally concluded. Unfortunitely, we didn’t meet the goal. This leaves us with a few options we must look into for continueing or just looking into something to do next. If you are still interested I will keep making the stands on a need to order basis.

Next, we look to what I found this weekend by surfing the web trying to work on a personal Apple Inc. Project. I happened to stumble apon the website: www.ikids.com. This is really interesting because it looks to be Apple. Is Apple up to something with kids? Well, the Apple developer convention is later this month so we might find out then? Not sure?

This article is also really interesting form our friends at MobileMag. Apple has just patented eye tracking.


On to lifestyle imagery. For my latest Apple iSight I found a great eyewear website that offers surreal white eyewear rames at a reasonable price. Now, you can style it up with white glasses to match your ipod earphones. Prices start at $58.00.



I'm an innovator tinkerer trying to make the world just alittle better.

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