Kickstarter Day 26 and Apple iSight Concept

Well, Kickstarter Day 26looks like its down to under 48hrs and we’re got a long way to go. It’s still possible but the experience has been great.

IMG_8077So, this weekend I started a quick ideation model of a possible Apple iSight Digital glasses. It came out really cool. Check out more pictures on the portfolio page of my website. I based the design off a reverse design breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of the Google glasses. The main point I wanted to highlight was the potential to evolve and present design by reaching back and pulling aspects of Apple heritage into the design. The changes I added vs. the Google Glasses were a peripheral camera for seeing to the back 3/4 view. This is great for cyclists and anyone needing to see something out of there regular line of sight. The other change is the way the unit mounts to the eye wear frame. initially, I thought that a eyeglass frame would be individual and hard to match to everyone. It still is. But what I tried to do is pull form Apples heritage from earphones. Apple was able to make a iconic symbol of there presence and product by identifying the product by the color. I did the same for the glasses. Also, biometric sensors are embedded in the unit. The electronics are divided up into the eye glasses frame and add on hud.

lens38 lens39 lens41


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