Kickstarter Day 25 and Budget Funky Cool Iphone Mini

So, day 25 is Memorial Day, and looks like everyone must be on holiday. No new orders today. We’re down to the last week hopefully something will come through. Thanks backers, if you know anyone wanting to get anymore J-stands please let them know about the Kickstarter Project.

Now, on the the iPhone Mini. This is a cool concept idea. This design is building on Apple’s heritage from the G3 computer. At that time Apple seemed to cater more to youth, lately it seems that they have been evolving their products to fit that youth group as they grew up. A more refined and polished product. This idea is a fresh take on the original G3. It uses the translucent back cover with a classic  front face. Will Apple head this direction?


I'm an innovator tinkerer trying to make the world just alittle better.

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