Kickstarter Day 20 and MYO Gesture Control

Kickstarter Day 20 keeps to the same as yesterday. Thank you backers.

Now something for tomorrow but possible today. How about gesture control for any electronics. Yes, this is cool. Be a Jedi and control things with your mind. MYO has the perfect solution for you.

This is the ultimate in wearable mobile gesture control. Most of the current systems using gesture control are camera based. Meaning they use a camera to detect motion and translate that to movement on the screen. The idea is good but at this point it isn’t mobile. The MYO system is mobile, how it works is off body muscle movement measured by the difference in the electronic impulse give by the muscle. So, these differences are detected and translated to movement on the screen.

Check out the video. This is awesome.


I'm an innovator tinkerer trying to make the world just alittle better.

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