Kickstarter Day 9 and 1st ever Wearable Smart Car Key

So, if not much news is there from kickstarter I’ll combine the update with an article. Day 9, brings 1 new backer and some new approaches to help market the J-Stand.

In the meantime Joraworks is hard at work innovating for the next generation of technology. What we came up with today is the 1st wearable smart car key.

UP9 UP10 UP11

Lately, there has been a push on wearable tech to help track human vitals when eating and exercising. We took that even further to create the 1st wearable smart car key. So, get all that information and use this wristband as your daily car key. Now, no more need for a set of keys or that key fab that starts your car. Wear this stylish wristband and do it all in style. The wristband can also connect to your mobile devices via bluetooth or mini usb.

A lot of the design was inspires with the current sport smart wristbands and the classic metal wristbands from watches.

Bluetooth-Bracelet Bracelet-Nike-Fuelband up up2


I'm an innovator tinkerer trying to make the world just alittle better.

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One comment on “Kickstarter Day 9 and 1st ever Wearable Smart Car Key
  1. Alex Campbell says:

    Great blog, Joe. I facebooked the J-STAND to my friend back East who sells iPhones and Androids. He liked it, asked me if it works with Android.

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