Google Glasses 2.0

So, the Google glasses technology is amazing with retina display and active displays. With that said, I was thinking what I may consider if I was in the market for such a device or just glasses. This is my opinion. I’m not sure if the technology would work in this manner, but it is what I would like in a tech pair of glasses. 1st, usually a lot of thought and attention is given to individuals in choosing the right glasses for their face. Most glasses don’t fit the majority of people so the variations are vast and tailored to the person. 2nd, the style. We like to be individual if given the chance have an opportunity to choose what design we would like to wear.

My improvements would be this. Design a module with the technology to attach to standard glasses. Maybe something like this. The the module can be easily transferred and moved from glasses to sport glasses or etc…

slider-product-images-3 slider-product-images-girlclose slider-product-images-girlrun


I'm an innovator tinkerer trying to make the world just alittle better.

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