IOS vs. Android

Well, seems the debate rings again. According to latest poll of 16,000 smart phone users nationwide a majority of the populous are dissatisfied with android. Why? Well, here is my view, I’ve used both platforms and like some features of both. Because of these experiences using both, I think the real question is to ask. How many of these people polled have used both platforms? I feel that some people might be just curious to try the other platform. The comparison gets even slightly more complicated when you add advances in technology to the mix. As a consumer I do want to use a product a want. To want t seems it must meet not only my needs but wants. In this highly competitive market the mfg are trying to do just that. Now we the consumers get a chance to test how well they have done that.

If you get an opportunity I would suggest trying both platforms maybe even at your local best buy or radio shack and see which one you prefer. How? Take a feature or App that you are currently using as a favorite on your current smart phone. And try the equal App on the other platform see how they compare. Maybe do this a few more times for various Apps and rate them. Now, you’ve created your own comparison. I know it might take some time at the beginning but its worth it in the long run.



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