5:14:17 Solidworks for Kids App

Enjoy getting kids excited about design through this solidworks app for kids.


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10.16.16: Wifi Enabled Anything

Well ever want to control something via the internet? Here is a DIY to do just that. Enjoy.

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10/9/16: DIY WiFi Radio

Take a moment and check out this easy to make DIY for a small wifi radio to keep your music streaming.

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7.4.16: DIY Home Vents

Maybe your interested in a unique way to enhance your home ventilation system. Then here you go. Maybe make the vents from wood or make a mold and make it from a different material. The process might be similar.

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7:3:16: Urban Prefab House

Let this modern prefab house show the  way to the movement of modern minimalism including both form and function. http://hh-architects.com/portfolio/urban-residence/


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3.5.16: Keane in Concert

Enjoy the sounds of Keane live from Austin, Texas.


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3.5.16: Amazon Echo Dot

amazon-dotWill Dot be the next thing to your home connectiveness? The more we feel the need to be connected the more the world seems to be touch. A element to this mix is the Amazon Eco Dot. The Echo Dot makes the AI platform of Alexa expressible to the home atmosphere. Will this platform from the Tech giant Amazon be the next in the wireless AI smart revolution. Amazon thinks so and has started to make a whole family products to support this effort.

Check out the link at:

Want an Echo Dot? Here’s how to bypass Amazon’s restrictions and order one today


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1.08.16: Dinner Table DIY

Make this stunning dinner table for your great home.

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1:07:16: Lamp DIY from Modern Builds

Check out the cool DIY lamp from Modern Builds.

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1.06.16: Table Time 2

More on Modern Build Tables with this great DIY Table.

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